We are a brand consulting firm, part of the Equancy group, experts in lifestyle strategies. We connect brands with their communities and synchronize them with their time. 


We uncover strategic insights and business opportunities by profiling customers, competitors and trends.

Brand plateform

We build and align the strategic framework that allows brands to reconnect with their communities and to be stewarded with agility.

Cultural synchronizing

With branding offices in Paris, New York and San francisco, we accelerate go-to-market by helping brands adjust their strategy to local specificities and needs.

Brand hatching

We create strong and aspirational brands, in tune with today’s consumer lifestyles.


We create emotional bonds between customers and brands by designing memorable experiences.


We produce strategic and exciting content to nurture the relationship with consumer and employee communities.


We arbitrate strategic and creative issues and pilot brands to keep the bond between brands and consumers alive.

About us

We are a global strategic and creative consulting firm, experts in premium and lifestyle brands, with offices in New York, Paris and San Francisco. We have developed an industry knowledge in beauty and personal care, in hospitality, in luxury and in premium food & beverage, with a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior.Our international team of experts in brand strategy, design, customer experience, innovation who work together across 3 offices, is led by Antoine Ortoli, President and Arnaud Lagrotte, VP Chief Creative Officer. EquancyNo11 bridges cultures and integrates international vision with local execution.

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